Hardware Repairs and Maintenance Services


We not just promise to provide best services, we always try to go beyond the limit decided. Below are the key points we do focus to stand-out in the crowd.

Service within 4 hours
Well experienced technicians
24×7 Support
Complete Hardware Support
Complete Software Support
Complete Web Solutions
Our Services

Our aim is to provide all services under one roof. You need not to search for different providers for all your needs…until we are around.
Desktop Service
Computer AMC Services
Website AMC Services
Mail Server Configuration

Keep your computer running at its best performance and prolong the life of you rsystem with a complete tune up. Here’s what we do:
• scanning for spyware
• viruses and malware
• registry cleanup for faster boot-up times
• defragmentation of your hard drive for quicker file access
• scan your hard drive for physical disk errors
• remove excess temporary files from your system
• clean Out dust and grime buildup inside the case
• vacuum and blow out case and fans
• update Windows with the latest Security patches
• and Update Your Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Firewall and other security programs.


Our Services

Service                                    Price in Rs                       Remarks


AMC for Computer                 750-900                           12 visits per year for above 8 PCs

(Without Parts)

AMC for Computer                  300-500                            online help for Computer

(Online Help Only)

AMC for Computer                  750-1000                          online Help and 3 Visit / Computer

(Online Help and 3 Visit)

Desktop and Laptop                 350-500                          without parts


Software maintenance              500 to 1500                   Per Annum


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