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CMS LEAP For Colleges

Companies are looking for demonstrable Specialization, Aptitude and Skills when recruiting fresh Engineering graduates

  • Job environment is becoming highly competitive:
    • Economy slow down – Lower intake or recruitment freeze with many companies
    • More colleges and higher number of engineering students passing out each year

  • But future is showing signs of good improvements
    • Many multinationals are expanding offshore presence in India either directly or through Engineering Service providers
    • Growing requirements for skilled Engineers with these organizations – Directly or through Engineering Service provider organizations

  • The Academic training provides sound foundation on Engineering principles and practices. But the rapid advancements in the technology are creating a gap between the skills learnt by Engineering graduates and actual practice in the Industry. This leads to need for significant investment in time, effort and money by the organizations to bring the new graduates up to productivity levels expected by business. This is one of the key reasons for low intake of fresh graduates by most industries, especially in the core mechanical related sectors and Small and Medium scale industries

CMS through its Industry experts and network of partnership Industries is bringing a program to bridge the gap between Academic learning and Industry expectations, creating a win-win environment where the Engineers graduate with latest, specialized, industry oriented skills and the Industry gets fresh Engineers who can be productive with minimal orientation.

The key features of the LEAP Program are

  • Design Engineering Training with Creo (Pro/Engineer) with PTC authorized training program
  • Training on product design and development methodologies based on Industry practices
  • Alignment of the trainings in line with design and manufacturing practices of the partnering industries
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  • Cyber Metric Services
  •   8/1, 5th Main Rd, Ganganagar,
         R.T.Nagar, Bangalore-560032,
         Karnataka, India
  •   30/1, 4th Stage, Industrial Town,
         Basaveshwara Nagar, W C R,
         Rajajinagar, Bangalore – 560044,
         Karnataka, India

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