Why Python is Still the King of Programming Languages? | Python Training and Job Placement


There are many languages out there, so what makes Python such a destination? If the most-read articles tell us anything, it’s that people enjoy its flexibility. There are multiple paradigms that are accessible to Python developers, as Jigyasa Grover explains, including the popular object-oriented programming Seth Kenlon’s tutorial shows.

If you’re a long-time user and looking for advanced examples of why Python is a perfect language, Moshe Zadka covers his top 5 reasons for loving Python. If that’s not enough, you can also use it play around with powerful tools without a lot of code, like in Parul Pandey’s tutorial on image manipulation.

Top 5 Reasons for “Why Python is Still the King of Programming Languages?”

  1. It’s Easy to Learn
  2. Less Coding
  3. There’s a Massive Community and Tons of Add-ons
  4. Python is Growing
  5. Python Gets You Hired