Training on Design of Plastic Components in Bengaluru

Training on Design of Plastic Components

The Training on Design of Plastic Components from CMS is aimed at the product designers, who need to design and develop Plastic Components meeting various industry needs. The course covers fundamentals as well as advanced topics in consideration with industry needs and different levels expertise needed by the trainees.

The Plastic Components Design course is developed and delivered by industry practioners with deep industry experience.

Casting Design course curriculum: 

# Design of Castings Duration
1 Design of Plastic Components – Theory and Industry practice 16 Hrs.
3 Design of Plastic Components using CATIA V5 32 Hrs.
Total Duration 48 Hrs.

Course Details

1. Design of Plastic Components

Duration: 16 Hrs.

This course is aimed at the designers who want to design and develop Plastic parts meeting the needs of functional, aesthetic and business requirements. This foundation course uses case studies and real life examples to teach different aspects of Plastic parts design and manufacturing including Types, Processes, Design requirements, manufacturability and operational considerations etc. This will enable a designer to design cost effective products meeting operational, manufacturing requirements.

The course will cover following topics:

  1. Introduction to Plastics and their applications
  2. Types of Plastics Material
    • Thermo-Plastics
    • Thermoset Plastics
    • Epoxy
  3. Tooling material used for Plastics
  4. Design of Plastics
    • Material used for Plastics
    • Selection of Plastics process
    • Plastics Tolerances
    • Surface finishes
    • GD&T Tolerance for Plastics
    • Draft angle
    • Shrinkage allowance
    • Wall Thickness criteria
    • Advantage and Disadvantages of different design approaches
  5. Assembly of Plastic components
    • Press Fits
    • Snaps
    • Fasteners
    • Bonding
    • Ultrasonic Welding
    • Other Welding Techniques
    • Staking
  6. Injection Molding
    • Wall Thickness
    • Mold Halves
    • Draft
    • Flow
    • Undercuts
    • Openings
  7. Mold Construction
    • Two Plate Mold
    • Three Plate Mold
  8. DFMA considerations during Plastic component’s design
    • Manufacturability consideration (DFM) for design of Plastics
    • Plastics defects due to design issues
    • Remedies for overcoming defects
  9. Software used for designing and manufacturing of Plastics  

2. Design of Plastic Parts using CATIA V5

Duration: 32 Hrs.

This module provides training on techniques needed for detailed modelling of plastic parts using CATIA V5. This covers training on Surface and part modelling techniques keeping plastic design and manufacturing requirements in consideration.

The course will cover following topics:

  1. Introduction to Plastic parts design process using CAD
  2. Model Preparation
  3. Basic Elements
    • Parting Line and Curves introduction
    • Curve Projections and Intersections
    • Projection curves, Parallel Curves and Combined Curves
    • Intersection Geometry creation
    • Geometrical Sets
  4. Surface creation for plastic component modeling
    • Wireframe, Face
    • Surface Basics – Extrude, Revolve, Cylindrical, Spherical Surfaces and Offsetting, Filled Surfaces
    • Advance Surfaces – Sweeps, Multi section surfaces
    • Shape Fillets – Edge, Shape, Variable, Face-Face and Tri-Tangent Fillets
    • Surface design best practices
  5. Modeling
    • Ribs, Snaps and Hinges
    • Thin Walled bodies, Shell
    • Bosses and Cores
  6. Drafts
    • Draft introduction
    • Types of drafts and exercises
  7. Data Management
    • Import / Export of Data – IGES, STEP
    • Healing Surfaces
    • Fixing Translated data
  8. Part Analysis and Measurements
    • Measurements
    • Surface curvature analysis
    • Draft Analysis

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