Technical Features Of Tally ERP 9

TALLY ERP 9 provides various important features such as backup, restores, e-mail, and data migration. Taking the backup of data refers to the process of storing the data in other location of your computer or in an external source storage media such as a Cd or pen drive. Data stored in a computer is under constant threar from several  sources such as bugs,data corruption or natural disasters. If you do not take adequate precautions to protect your data from such threars, the data may be lost forever. Taking regular backups ensure that any data you lose is quickly replaced. In TALLY ERP 9, the process of replacing lost data is known as restoration of data. In other words, restoring data is the process of returning data is the original and utilizable condition.

E-mail, is another important feature provided in Tally erp 9, allows you to send documents such as invoices, payrolls, purchase orders, sales orders, and statements of account, over the internet, instantly and  economically. Apart from this, TALLY ERP 9, provides the data migration feature that allows you to convert the data of Tally 7.2, or earlier versions to the Tally ERP 9 format.

Tally.Net, the latest feature launched by Tally Corporation in Tally.ERP 9, facilitates sharing of data among different companies through remote login. It is a kind of framework that establishes a connection between a company and the remote user, allowing him/her to remotely access the data and information of the connected company. To utilize this facility, you must have the required permissions and the concerned company must be connected to the Tally.Net server. You need to create remote users, authorize and authenticate them to access the data of other companies, and assign various security controls to them based upon security levels, that is user or auditor. Tally ERP 9, also provides online help and support to users on the functional as well as technical aspects of Tally.NET.

The functional enhancement or features included into Tally ERP 9, in brief;

  • E-mailing option: Users can send accounting reports to multiple recipients along with an additional facility like Net-banking and Printing in various format is provided.
  • Accounting Voucher: A new type of numbering feature is added to the voucher, it ensures that the voucher are numbered sequentially
  • Print Bank Transaction Details: It provides an option to take the print of bank details on formal receipt
  • Credit Limits: The Credit Limit control set for a party ledger will not be applied on sales order. A warning or alert message will pop up on the credit limit, and user can still save the voucher
  • CST: Even in a simple format the CST form details entered in the invoice will get printed
  • Excise for Manufacturers: All details related to buyers and suppliers can be displayed in the voucher also daily stock register can be maintained according to date wise, multi items types and Tariff wise
  • Inventory Vouchers: For inventory section, you can now mention the Godown address and also print the name
  • Payroll: New TALLY ERP 9, enables processing of salary according to the National Pension Scheme
  • Service Tax: Under journal vouchers, the taxable amount, taxable percentage and notification number will be showed in the service tax details. Auto adjustment of service tax payable can be done against service tax input credit and cenvat
  • VAT Option: Recording multiple items with different VAT rates is possible by configuring the setting of “Default Accounting Allocations for Selected Item In Invoice.”
  • Tax Audit: Form like 3CB, 3CD and 3CA have been updated as per the requirements of CBDT
  • XBRL: The document is constrained to only those companies that have the nature of the report set to consolidated