Job: Enovia Developer

Title Enovia Developer
Location Chennai
Job Information

Role:  Enovia  Developer

Skill: Development of ENOVIA PLM

TCL, MQL, JPO based customizations

Experience in ENOVIA 14X and above

Location: Chennai

Exp: 3-5 Years


  1. More than 3 years full-time  Development of ENOVIA PLM,  TCL, MQL, JPO based customization.   Experience in ENOVIA 14X and above.
  2. Proficient in ENOVIA Business, Matrix, System modeling and management tools
    3. Proficient with MQL, TCL and JPO programming;
    4. Proficient in using HTML, JavaScript, CSS, AJAX, JSON web front-end programming technology;
    5. Proficient in use of JAVA Application Server such as Tomcat;
    6. Familiar with the basic operation of Linux/Unix;
    7. Good communication, problem solving ability, independent learning and self management capability;
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